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Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters Vandalism Fire Loss and Damage on a house or home covered by their insurance for an insurance claim in Sarasota Florida
Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters Cast Iron Pipe Damage being replaced in Longboat Key Florida
Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters Kitchen Remodel in Bradenton Florida due to pipe break water damage with mold remediation
Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters estimator explaining findings to appraiser in commercial claim in Sarasota Florida
Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters Tile Roof Replaced in Sarasota Florida
Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters working on Commercial Claims on buildings in Sarasota Florida

We are skilled and experienced in recognizing various types of property damage to either your home or commercial property. It’s with our years of experience filing insurance claims for clients that we have seen so many variations of water claims, mold claims, fire claims, roof claims and hurricane claims. 

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, we are there to help you every step of the way. Our team of experts Service the entire state of Florida. Our adjusters will assist you with all of your claims needs such as Water Damage, Fire, Roof Damage, Flooding, Broken Pipes, Denied Claims and Natural Disasters. Headquarted in Sarasota, we service all of Florida including Bradenton, St Pete, Clearwater, Miami, Naples, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa & more. 

Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters work on Siesta Key and Longboat in Sarasota hurricane damage


Every claim is personally catered to get the best monetary and service results. We are only compensated based on the results we can bring in to the homeowner after the claim is closed.


Natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms can produce severe winds causing massive damage to the property. We are experts handling these types of insurance claims.

Home fires can be dangerous and cause destruction to your garage, floors, windows and doors. Your insurance company typically covers these types of damages.

Shingles may be damaged due to buckling, curling, or may even be missing. Water may be seeping through your roof or walls without your knowledge.

Many insurance companies have been known to underpay or even refuse to pay for any damages. It is important to know that you can reopen denied or underpaid claims.

Commercial buildings such as condominiums, schools, hotels, and medical facilities can suffer damages, don’t worry we have our adjusters on your side.

Sinkholes are a common problem in Sarasota. The ground in Florida is full of limestone, which is highly soluble in water. We can help so your insurance pays for this catastrophic loss.

Storms, rain and hurricanes can cause water damage. Your home is usually covered under those circumstances. The foundations and structure of homes can be damaged as a result.

Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.

Common types of water damage that we adjust for your home or business include: floods, overflow, backups, leaky pipes, and storm related catastrophes.

The term flood has a specific definition that’s often confusing for most people. A flood is when water from an existing water source, like a lake, rises up and enters the property.

Thieves and vandals can devastate your home and cause serious property damage. Our Public Adjusters are ready to help you get the most out of your insurance claim.

In Florida, central air conditioners are extremely common. Replacing or repairing A/C units can be costly depending on the extent of the damages. We are here to assist you.


When you have damages to your home or business and need to file an insurance claim, it’s to get put off by your Insurance carrier or their Insurance Adjusters who don’t have your best interest in mind. At Premium Payment Relief, Our qualified team is here to help you throughout the insurance claim process. We make sure that your claim is properly documented and assessed in order to obtain the maximum claim settlement that you need in order to get your property back together.

Premium Payment Relief Public Adjusters helping property owners settling insurance claims in court in Sarasota Florida
Premium Payment Relief Estimator and Appraiser on insurance claim job in Sarasota Florida

Our team is licensed and bonded throughout the state of Florida, and have years of experience  assisting in insurance claims such as Hurricane Damage, Water damage, Fire and smoke damage, flood damage, and Cast Iron Pipe Damage.

 If you have damage to your house or had a claim denied or underpaid, call us and we will guide you on how to proceed as per your insurance policy. You have up to 5 years to reopen an old claim!!! If you feel like you did not receive the settlement you deserve on a previous claim, let us know! 

Premium Payment Relief is a well-connected  organization. Our expertise in the insurance process has given us a great advantage in securing the most compensation for our client. Get your Homeowners Insurance representation now.


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“I would like to thank Allstar as they were able to accomplish a very timely resolution on my claim, especially Shawn who worked tirelessly on my case. He kept me updated on a weekly basis and I felt very confident that everything was moving forward. I am very pleased with Allstar Public Adjusting and would highly recommend them to any one that is going through the insurance claim process."

-Douglas E.

“Allstar were amazing. They took care of everything for us. They were easy to deal with and were there whenever we needed them. They fought for us when the insurance company didn’t want to pay for my damages. Would highly recommend them. I would like to thank Shawn and David for all their help and persistence."

-Nathalie G.


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